A Guide to Repair Techniques

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Car damage is inevitable. However, as shown in the video, their repair shouldn’t be as stressful. It is therefore essential to understand the different repair techniques and apply them accordingly:

1. Coat Scratch Repair

Coat scratch repairs are the most common auto repairs. Coat scratch accidents involve an object rubbing against the car’s clear coat.

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The scratched part is hence exposed to UV rays, contaminants and other elements. Using elbow grease or a repair scratch kit is the most recommended remedy. After clearing out the scratch, position the car in direct sunlight and look out for any hazy lines or imperfections around the area you repaired.

2. Paint Scratch Repair

Paint scratches are worse, compared to clear coat scratches, because the object drives through beyond the clear coat to the paint layer. Deep paint scratches will expose a car’s primer. If you’re dealing with a shallow paint scratch, consider getting a polishing compound and buffing the scratch out. Deep paint scratches require more serious auto repairs. This includes using a pen or brush to apply touch-up paint. A clear coat will follow after the touch-up paint dries.

3. Deep Scratches

Deep scratches go beyond the paint into the metal underneath. Such scratches would require a professional auto repair service. So, contact a trusted mechanic to assess the scratch and apply the most relevant repair technique.


Car scratches or damage are every driver’s nightmare. However, when they happen, they never have to linger around with such effective auto repair techniques.


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