Socio Sexual Hierarchy: Understanding Types of Males

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    • There are several male personality types: Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Delta, Gamma, Omega, and Zeta.
    • Alpha males are natural-born leaders, Sigma males are lone wolves, while the Gamma males have an adventurous spirit.
    • Today we embrace multiple personality types, which is somehow an achievement as a society.

Male personality types go beyond just the most known Alpha and Beta males. In fact, in the socio-sexual hierarchy, several other types of males are defined by a unique set of personality traits. The more one becomes aware of their type, the better. It will help them recognize their weaknesses and strengths, improve their life, and achieve their goals.

This article discusses the seven male personality types and their defining characteristics. It will also cover their personality traits in detail.

By the end, you will be able to identify your type and become closer to yourself. You will also be able to identify the other men in your life and establish better relationships.

Ultimately, if you’re a female, you can learn more about the male figures in your life and what to expect from your men in the future.

The Alpha Male

In the social-sexual hierarchy, the alpha male holds one of the top spots on the pyramid. They are natural-born leaders, courageous, and have strong postures.

As any leader looking on the outside, they are bursting with confidence without a doubt. Even when the entire world turns its back on them, they are completely sure of who they are and what they’re capable of.

Moreover, their charisma and energy of self-assurance make it hard for the environment to ignore or stand against them, leading to the second point – they are highly sociable. Alpha males have no problem establishing new connections and surround themselves with plenty of friends.

Ultimately, alpha males love to be in charge and take the lead because they are highly competitive. They are usually an inspiration and role models for many young men. A prime example of the alpha male and high achiever is Grant Cordone, who focuses on sales and real estate.

The alpha males are leaders in the pack, and even if someone tries to impose limits, they will still follow their plan.

The Beta Male

When someone mentions Beta Male, it is usually associated with a softer male and usually friend zoned by females. However, that is a misrepresentation of the Beta Male.

These types of guys are confident when alone and have low self-esteem when with others. Unlike Alpha males, Betas are reserved and do not assert their views, opinions, or beliefs on other people. They value everyone’s opinion, even if it clashes with theirs. But that particular trait allows them to have a diverse friend circle.

However, unlike the dominant Alpha, the Beta males are okay with not being in charge and have someone above them. This doesn’t make them less important and fragile. They have exceptional qualities at work, and in their profession, only they do not enjoy taking full responsibility.

Last but not least, loyalty is their greatest forte. They are men of their word.

Chandler Bing from Friends and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory are the two perfect examples displaying Beta male traits.

The Sigma Male

The Sigma Male is the lone wolf, and they outrank the Alpha males at the top of the hierarchy pyramid. The definition suggests they are capable but choose to be outside society and live a lonely life.

Compared to the Alpha, the Sigma male is very confident and always knows what they want. However, unlike them, sigma males prefer a lonely path outside society or any other attachments. They are praised for their abilities and discipline, but the Sigma does not feed on popularity or competitiveness in a society like the Alpha. The Sigma male is mysterious, rebellious, successful, intriguing, and an overall very desirable man.

However, although they would typically avoid social events, they still get the most beautiful girl in society. The relationship may not last or not be established at all, but can take that role if they want to. Likewise, they are intelligent.

Discipline keeps them in shape, and their goal in life is never reaching the end.

A perfect example of the Sigma personality type is Harvey Specter from Suits.

The Omega Male

The Omegas are also one of the more confident and self-assured types of men; however, unlike the Alphas, they do not compete with others, only speak what they believe. When it comes to popularity, they do not care if their circle is underdogs as long as they share the same views as them.

Another quality trait of the Omegas is self-motivation. They naturally motivate themselves to become the better version of themselves and move on, which is probably where their thirst for knowledge comes from.

Omegas are known for their intelligence and the undying desire to explore different fields, but they have no ambition to chase goals and dreams. They are not afraid to start a new hobby in late years, even if that would make them appear weird to some.

A perfect example of an Omega male is Alan from Hangover.

The Delta Male

Delta Males are known as the evolved character of a male personality. In other words, the male was another type in the past but eventually turned Delta.

Namely, Delta Males are characterized by resentfulness. Their past experiences make them tough and thick-skinned, which allows them to handle any difficult situation seamlessly. During the process, they may develop trust issues and have difficulties establishing new connections and making new friends.

Additionally, they tend to blame others when something occurs in their life, and they will hold grudges for a very long time if something bad happens to them. Also, they can be very self-critical. If they make a mistake in their life or make the wrong decision, they tend to be very destructive.

Delta Males have difficulties identifying their emotions, and often they are prone to self-sabotaging, regardless of whether it is a life or a relationship problem. They prefer to be alone and value privacy over everything.

The perfect example of a Delta male is Chuck Roades from Billions.

The Gamma Male

Now we’re digging deeper into the male personality, and next on the list is the Gamma Male. You must know one in your life or be inspired by their Instagram stories with hiking, paragliding, and weekend getaways.

Yes, the characteristic that creates the new category of male personality types is the adventurous spirit. Unlike others, the Gamma Male doesn’t care about others’ opinions, and they are prone to adventures. They are curious and have hobbies they love to explore.

Despite their adventurous spirit, the Gamma male is in constant pursuit of their abilities and personality. That pursuit makes them more aware of themselves and the environment around them, which leads to the next point – empathy.

Gamma people are the empaths in this group. They can put themselves in the shoes of others and are attentive listeners.

Lastly, Gammas are very conscious and rational, aware of their actions, and they always calculate the consequences that follow.

Harry Potter is most likely the ultimate Gamma male.

The Zeta Male

The Zeta Males are the types of men that do not meet social expectations. They do not recognize male or female responsibilities, and their goals are centered around their dreams. They follow their paths and will not be subject to any dictation of society.

Usually, the Zeta Males easily bond with female friends and maintain long-term friendships without crossing boundaries. They are known to be empaths, understand the people around them, and always advise them to follow their hearts.

In a nutshell, the Zeta Males are spontaneous and follow their flow. They are open-minded and highly innovative. These qualities help them achieve their goals and excel in what they do. Additionally, they appreciate being single over being in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. They know how to care of themselves and be their best company.

A perfect example of a Zeta male is Phil from Modern Family. 

Can a Man Be More than One Male Archetype?

The short answer is yes. A man can be classified into two categories by evolving or transitioning from one category to another. The explanation behind this is simple – character development through life challenges.

Every person has different life challenges to overcome. It is no secret that some of these life challenges can reshape a person’s approach to life, preferences, or relationships. Take the Alpha Male. They are known to be in constant pursuit of being number one, but if something unfortunate happens to them and triggers their point – they can turn to another character type permanently. Therefore an Alpha can turn to Sigma and never return to popularity again.

However, a man during development may feel like they belong to two or three archetypes, but that is only because their personality is in progress. To become one archetype, the person should be born with one set of characteristics and gain others through experience.

Are These Male Archetypes Based on Scientific Research, or Are They Just Stereotypes?

The socio-sexual hierarchy of male personality types is not a mere stereotype. You can read about the research process and the studies from reputable sites.

As a society, we’re constantly evolving both on a collective and individual level. The norms, morals, responsibilities, and expectations constantly evolve. If, in the previous century, society recognized only the Alphas and Betas who stuck to the dictation of society, today, we have several types of male personalities that proudly stick out of the pyramid. Only back then they were considered cast-outs or wanderers.

Nowadays, we embrace multiple personality types, which is in some way an achievement as a society. Psychology has more disciplines and fields to explore, and we need to respect time.

To conclude, the socio-sexual hierarchy is supported by studies and research. However, since it’s still evolving, we can expect maybe more archetypes in the future.

Is It Possible to Change from One Male Archetype to Another?

Yes. It is possible to change between archetypes, especially after facing difficult situations in your life. As mentioned earlier, an Alpha can become a lone wolf if they were thrown a salty experience in their life that either opened their eyes and helped them evolve their personality or caused trauma.

One person could feel like an alpha and even demonstrate this type of personality for a long time. However, if triggered by an event or experience, they may realize that they are capable of being an alpha, but deep down, they are always a sigma. Then switch.

Likewise, you may notice a man that experienced an unfortunate event that made him unrecognizable. Some may become more extroverted or introverted. However, if that shift in personality is based on unhealed trauma, we cannot consider this case a change. After taking proper care, the person will return to their true self.

Are There Negative Consequences to Subscribing to Only One Male Archetype?

No. In fact, there are benefits to subscribing to your male archetype; however, you will have to identify your archetype first.

Otherwise, learning more about that particular archetype can be highly beneficial if you take the test and know your archetype. You will focus on the real matters you may be overlooking or having difficulty identifying, meet your expectations and achieve your goals. Also, you will be able to establish better relationships with the people in your circle or with yourself eventually.

The negative consequences that may occur are if you miss the archetype and subscribe to the wrong archetype. You will feel a sense of not belonging and the suggestions are outside your range. Every archetype orientates only around the main subject and analyzes it from different perspectives. Therefore, it is highly important that you inform more about every archetype and find a reliable test for archetypes.

Is There a Male Hierarchy Test I Can Take?

Yes. You can find online tests where you can roughly take a male hierarchy test. You will receive around 30 or more questions (the more questions, the better) to answer that determine your archetype.

While answering the questions, remember to be honest with what you do, not what you want to do. Many applicants select the answers they consider right, not true. Remember that you need to be completely honest for these tests so the computer can figure out your archetype correctly.


Our society is constantly evolving, and there are changes in perceptions. The more we resist society’s constraints, the more types of lifestyles we can expect. Unlike the past decades, we have become more and more focused on individuality and what makes us authentic. As a result, we have more male archetypes than the Alpha or Beta.

Despite the test results, you should further educate yourself on the topic because the socio-sexual hierarchy is still developing. We hope you found our guide helpful and that you can differentiate the types of males in society.

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