Male Body Types Explained: How to Determine Your Body Shape

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The three main male body types are endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs. Every male individual is born with an inherent male body type based on bone structure and male physique. But it is essential to note that some individuals may have characteristics from two or all three types!

The body type concept or somatotype is based on the work of William Sheldon, an American psychiatrist, who developed a typology for human body shapes. Fitness professionals, such as nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and even doctors, have been leveraging the concept of somatypes to create personalized fitness plans with proven results.

Here’s how you can determine your body type and how each body type responds to exercise and diet.

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorphs have curvier bodies and wider waists, hips, and bones. They’re usually larger individuals who can gain weight rapidly because of their higher fat deposition in the lower abdomen, thighs, and hips. Football linemen are typically endomorphic body types since they have more mass but don’t necessarily need to be overweight.

Although you might not fall into the exact definition of an endomorph, having features from multiple somatotypes is standard. Many individuals are combination endomorphs with thin upper bodies and excess fat held in their abdomens or hips/thighs.

Recommended Diet

Endomorphs often have difficulty managing their weight, so it is essential to adjust your diet accordingly. Aim for a breakdown of 30 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent fats, and 35 percent protein in each meal to succeed with this body type.

  • Healthy Fats – Fuel up on healthy fats like olive oil and avocado rather than processed food items high in calories or saturated fat.
  • Fiber-Rich Carbohydrates – Your carbohydrate sources should be fiber-rich, such as vegetables and fruits; refrain from indulging in refined sugars found in cookies, cakes, and bread products whenever possible.
  • Lean Proteins – Every plate should contain ample lean proteins and nutrient-dense plant-based foods!

For endomorphs, insulin and glucose levels can be variable. Every carbohydrate-laden meal you consume will be metabolized as sugar, later turning into fat cells stored in your body; this is why these individuals have an increased propensity to become overweight.

Excessive amounts of body fat put you at risk for some serious physical illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease – not just external problems like infertility or gall bladder complications but even impacting mental health with the potential occurrence of depression.

To avoid tackling any unnecessary ailments stemming from excessive adipose tissue gain, endomorphs must ensure they eat a balanced diet combined with regular exercise for optimal results in reducing their overall body fat percentage!

Workout Recommendations

Endomorphs often struggle with excess fat around the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs—an unfortunate combination of narrow shoulders and an impeded metabolism. Endomorphs must adhere to a tailored training regimen and a balanced diet to slim down and remain trim afterward.

Exercise is indispensable for these body types as it bolsters muscle mass while jump-starting the metabolism. Endomorphs can obtain their desired lean physique with a long-term dedication to this lifestyle plan.

If you’re an endomorph, your workout must include aerobic and strength training. Constructing muscle isn’t difficult, though it’s essential to be mindful of overtraining. Because this body type typically accumulates fat quickly, your exercise plan should help torch calories while promoting a negative calorie balance.

How to Dress If You Have an Endomorph Body Type?

If you have an endomorphic body type, you should clothe with vertical lines and tailored fits to make your body look longer and leaner. As for the materials, pick clothes made of lightweight fabrics to avoid adding bulkiness around the midsection and thighs.

Create optical illusions with your wardrobe by wearing dark colors with bright accents that will help break up the silhouette of your body. Shoulder pads can also give you a defined shape, while V-necks and light fabrics make you look slimmer instead of bulkier. Try stripes for visual texture; horizontal and vertical patterns effectively give the illusion of an elongated neck. Lastly, steer clear from flashy or colored belts as they draw attention to your waistline rather than away from it!

Mesomorph Body Type

If you’ve ever seen someone on TV or in a magazine and wished that looks like them, there’s no denying the power of diet and exercise. However, it’s important to remember that everyone falls into different body shape categories at the end of the day.

Mesomorphs are luckier than most; these athletic individuals can stay fit with little effort due to their solid builds, strength, and ability to gain and lose weight with relative ease! Also, mesomorphs don’t need to worry too much about what they eat, making life a little easier!

Recommended Diet

Mesomorphs tend to succeed more on a high-protein diet, allowing for fewer carbohydrates. It is recommended that your plate be divided into thirds and composed of the following food groups:

  • Protein – To help keep your muscles strong and aid in their repair, ensure one-third of your plate is full of protein-rich foods. Some delicious options include eggs, lean meats, seafood, legumes such as beans and lentils, plus high-protein dairy like Greek yogurt.
  • Whole Grains and Fats – Incorporating whole grains and fats into one-third of your plate can help round out meals while satisfying the stomach. Opt for wholesome fat sources like coconut or olive oils, avocados, nuts, and seeds to ensure you nourish your body with healthy foods.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Eating a balanced diet is essential for everyone; fruits and veggies (a third of your plate) are integral to that. Rather than opting for processed alternatives with added sugar or salt, choose whole produce – it contains beneficial fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that support strong immunity and muscle repair!

To calculate your necessary caloric intake accurately, contact a nutritionist or try an online calculator that considers body fat percentage and shape. Furthermore, if you have more muscle mass on your frame, consuming even more fuel to energize those muscles is important. For optimal energy levels and quicker recovery times when exercising regularly, snack before activity and afterward.

Workout Recommendation

Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter workout for each body type. Nevertheless, those with mesomorphic bodies tend to be more muscularly developed than their counterparts with different body types.

  • Weight Training – If you’re a mesomorph looking to bulk up, the best plan of action is weight training for five days out of each week. To ensure maximum results, choose three or four exercises with moderate-to-heavy weights and do 8 to 12 repetitions per set in three sets; rest 30 to 90 seconds after every set. Alternatively, if muscle maintenance is your goal rather than building mass, lighter weights can be utilized while upping the number of reps!
  • Cardio Workout – Mesomorphs seeking to slim down can benefit from 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week. A mesomorph workout may include steady activities like running, swimming, or cycling for optimal results; high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which combines vigorous bursts with lighter intervals and repeats throughout the workout session, can be especially beneficial in fat burning. Those with less body fat may decrease their cardio sessions to two each week, depending on their goals.

How to Dress If You Have a Mesomorph Body Type?

A Mesomorph body type is ideal for apparel with a balance of structure and softness. Aim to find fabrics such as linen, cashmere, medium-weight cotton, wool crepe, or denim with fluidity but not too much stiffness. You can also get away with form-fitting clothes due to your toned physique! Show off this figure by rocking luxurious garments like Chanel jackets made from boucle knits.

As a stockier mesomorph, adorn yourself with pinstriped suits and trousers to create the illusion of greater height. Patterns and prints will draw attention to your build in all the right places. Above all else, resist baggy clothing: it’ll obscure your impressive musculature, which should be celebrated!

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs have a slender body type. They tend to be slim, with narrow shoulders and hips, small joints, long arms and legs without much body fat or muscle mass. Being blessed with a speedy metabolism that quickly burns calories means they can often find themselves feeling hungry more frequently. However, if one is an ectomorph, this doesn’t always translate into gaining weight or building up sizeable muscles as quickly as other body types.

Recommended Diet

A lower-fat diet may seem outdated for ectomorphs but can be successful – vegan or vegetarian options are great so long as they contain enough plant proteins. As an ectomorph, your body will generally benefit from carbohydrates, so you should focus on healthy sources such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Protein is the most crucial element to prioritize when it comes to maximizing overall health; opt for lean animal proteins and other resources such as nuts and seeds in addition to regular strength training.

An ectomorph’s diet should include the following:

  • Meat and Fish – Protein-packed, delicious food options include chicken, turkey, lean steak or beef, white fish like cod, and seafood such as shrimp and scallops. And eggs make a great addition to any dish!
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Start your day with juicy berries, then move on to a sweet and succulent mango for lunch. Opt for crunchy apples or delicious pears in the afternoon before indulging in a ripe banana as an energizing snack. End the day with delicious vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and squash- sure to tantalize your taste buds!
  • Grains and Starchy Vegetables – If you want to incorporate nutrient-dense, wholesome grains into your diet, look no further than whole-wheat bread, hearty old-fashioned or steel-cut oats, fiber and protein-rich brown rice and quinoa, nutty farro, and naturally sweet potato.
  • Dairy – Opt for a single serving of fat-free or low-fat yogurt or milk daily for optimal health benefits.
  • Nuts and Seeds – When considering a snack, you can indulge in crunchy and nourishing goodies like almonds, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds. Perfectly packed with nutrition and flavor, these treats will surely please your palate!

Workout Recommendation

Men with an ectomorphic body type can find achieving their desired muscle mass and sculpted physique challenging. However, a regiment of strength training exercises coupled with proper nutrition can help anyone reach their goal of creating curves on a thinner frame – regardless if they want to become a bodybuilder or just seek healthy leanness. Through consistent weight-training efforts, all ectomorphs will experience success in obtaining their preferred figure!

  • Weight Training – For ectomorphs who want to gain muscle mass, increase strength and sculpt the body, a weight-training routine using heavy weights is indispensable. Aim for three to five sets at around eight to twelve reps with hefty loads; this will help you achieve your goals of bigger muscles faster!
  • Cardio Exercises – For those who are ectomorphs, their bodies excel in endurance exercises. As such, cardio-based workout routines tend to be more appealing than lifting weights. You should do approximately 30 minutes of cardio three times a week for general health purposes to promote the most muscle growth possible with minimal effort.

How to Dress If You Have an Ectomorph Body Type?

Men with this physique, irrespective of height or size, typically have a light frame featuring lean muscle mass and long limbs in tandem with a flat chest and narrow shoulders. Clint Eastwood and Ethan Hawke should give you an instant idea. Often men of an ectomorph body type will attempt to look bigger by wearing clothing too large for them; it seems comical when someone like Chris Rock sports attire that’s overly bulky on him – not the desired effect!

When you want to make a dapper impression, turn to the trend-setting double-breasted blazer – it will give your figure more breadth than classic two or three-button designs. On the other hand, steer clear of vertical stripes as they may unintentionally accentuate any slenderness. Relaxed slim jeans can help soften up your naturally wiry frame, while steering away from suit jackets with full lapels is also recommended – these tend to overwhelm petite physiques.

Can You Have More Than One Body Type?

You may fall into multiple body types depending on your lifestyle and genetics. For example, if you have an ectomorphic body type with slimness throughout but also tend to accumulate fat in the midsection, then you may be what’s known as an ‘ecto-mesomorph.’ Similarly, if you possess a mesomorphic body with bulky muscles and wide shoulders, but your lower half is more ectomorphic, you would be considered a ‘meso-ectomorph.’ Furthermore, some individuals have so much fat that they incorporate characteristics from both endomorphic and mesomorphic body types.

No matter what combination of these shapes you may find yourself in, it’s important to remember that all body types are beautiful and unique. With the right diet and exercise plan tailored to your needs, you can reach whatever goal you aim to achieve – no matter what shape or size.

Are Body Types the Same as Body Shapes?

Body types are the same as body shapes – they refer to a person’s physique’s general physical structure and characteristics. However, while body types are more concerned with overall shape and size (e.g., ectomorph or endomorph), body shapes focus on specific measurements such as waist-to-hip ratios, shoulder width, and bust size.

Knowing your body shape can make it easier to find clothes that flatter your figure; for example, if you have an hourglass body shape, look for high-waisted items or wrap dresses with a cinched waistline to draw attention to your waistline rather than away from it!

There are three main body types for men: ectomorphs (slender build), mesomorphs (athletic build), and endomorphs (heavier builds). Each body type has its own dietary requirements and workout recommendations to achieve the best results. Knowing your body shape can also help you find clothes that will flatter your figure. No matter what combination of shapes you may have, it’s important to remember that all bodies are beautiful and unique. With a tailored diet plan and exercise routine suited to fit your needs, you can reach your desired goals!

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