Can You Track AirTag Miles Away? Limitations and Alternatives

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  • AirTags use Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices in the Find My network for tracking purposes.
  • The range of AirTags can reach up to 330 feet in an open space, but this range can vary depending on surrounding physical barriers.
  • AirTags can be located through the Find My app using features such as beeping and Precision Finding.
  • AirTags have a battery life of approximately one year with regular usage and can easily have the battery replaced when it runs low.
  • Privacy features are implemented to address potential risks, such as notifications for unknown AirTags near you for an extended period.

Apple AirTags have forever changed the way we keep track of our belongings, offering a smart solution for locating lost items with ease. These small, coin-shaped devices quickly gained traction due to their integration with Apple’s extensive Find My network.

With their ability to connect to nearby Apple devices, AirTags provide real-time location information, giving users peace of mind knowing they can quickly locate their possessions.

You may be wondering, can you track AirTag miles away? Below, we will discuss the functionality of Apple AirTags, exploring how they work and the range of limitations associated with their tracking capabilities. We will also discuss various tips to maximize the effectiveness of AirTag’s range and the use of Apple’s Find My network for tracking purposes.

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Introduction to Apple AirTag and Tracking Technology

In April 2021, Apple introduced its tracking device, the AirTag. This small, coin-shaped device is designed to help users keep an eye on their belongings, such as keys, wallets, bags, or other valuable items. With its compact size and integration with Apple’s Find My app, AirTag quickly gained popularity as a reliable tracking solution.

What Is an Apple Airtag and How Does It Work?

Apple Air Tag is a miniature device that’s Bluetooth-enabled and communicates with Apple’s Find Me app to help people locate their lost or misplaced items. The Apple gadget has a built-in speaker and an accelerometer and can be attached to a variety of things using a keychain or adhesive.

Apple AirTags uses Bluetooth to anonymously connect to nearby devices within Apple’s Find My network. The location of the AirTag can be determined by triangulating the strength of the Bluetooth signal received by these third-party devices.

You can find the location information of your AirTag on to the cloud and displayed on a map.

How Does Airtag Work and What Are Its Range Limitations?

When an AirTag is in the proximity of an iPhone or other Apple device, it can connect to it and share its location. This way, users can see the last known location of their AirTag on the Find My app’s map and locate their missing things.

The range limitations of the AirTag depend on the Bluetooth range. Bluetooth can have a range of approximately 330 feet in an open space without any obstructions, which means you can easily find your things if there aren’t any objects like walls and doors. Remember that in real-world scenarios, the apple tags range can vary based on the environment and conditions.

There are two additional methods to locate AirTags: beeping and Precision Finding. If you have an idea that your AirTag is in a specific area, such as your bedroom, but you can’t locate it visually, you can use the Find My app to make the AirTag emit a beep. Simply follow the sound until you Find the AirTag.

How Does Airtag Use Bluetooth Connectivity for Tracking?

AirTag implements Bluetooth Low Energy technology to establish a connection with nearby Apple devices. When an AirTag is in the range of an iPhone or other Apple device, it can transmit its location data to the device, relaying the info to the Find My app. This lets users track the location of their AirTag and attached belongings.

What Is the Range and Distance Coverage of Airtag?

As we mentioned earlier, the range of AirTag is limited by Bluetooth connectivity. In an unobstructed environment, AirTag devices have the potential to be tracked within a range of up to 330 feet. However, the AirTag distance and the range can be significantly reduced due to physical barriers like walls, floors, and objects.

Can Multiple People Track an Airtag?

So, can multiple people track an AirTag? The answer is no—they can’t directly track the same AirTag. These devices are designed to be linked to one Apple ID and associated with the owner’s Find My app. This way, users are ensured that the tracking information is private and only accessible by the owner of the AirTag.

What Are the Reasons Why an Airtag Is Not Reachable?

An AirTag not showing up could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Out of range: AirTag Not Reachable problems happen if your AirTag is located out of the Bluetooth connectivity range. As such, it will be undetectable and invisible in the Find My app until it’s within range of an Apple device.
  • Low battery: If the battery of the AirTag is empty or low, it may not be able to establish a Bluetooth connection or transmit its location info. In this case, the AirTag needs to have its battery replaced.
  • Obstructions: Physical barriers like walls, floors, doors, or other massive objects can block or weaken the Bluetooth signal, reducing the effective range of the devices and leading to AirTags not working.
  • Disabled Bluetooth: If the Bluetooth feature on the user’s iPhone or iPad is turned off, it cannot detect or connect to the AirTag.

How Can the Tracking Range of Airtag Be Extended?

Can you track AirTag miles away? You actually can, as long as it’s within the reach of an iPhone. Apple uses Ultra Wideband technology to help users track their belongings and find out exactly how far away they are.

Below, we’ll look into ways to keep your valuable items safe even at larger distances:

What Are Some Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Airtag’s Range?

Here are a few tips to consider on extending the tracking range of your AirTag:

  • Keep Apple devices nearby: The closer your AirTag is to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the better the chances of establishing a Bluetooth connection and updating its location in the Find My app.
  • Reduce obstructions: Minimize physical barriers between your AirTag and Apple devices. Open spaces with fewer walls and objects will allow for better Bluetooth signal strength and range.
  • Consider accessory options: There are various AirTag accessories available on the market, such as keychains or holders, which can help you attach the AirTag to items in a way that optimizes signal reception.

How Does Airtag Utilize Apple’s Find My Network for Tracking?

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Air Tag uses Apple’s Find My Network to enhance its tracking capabilities. The Find My Network is a decentralized network of Apple devices that can detect and relay the location of lost or misplaced AirTags. When an AirTag is marked as lost in the Find My app, it communicates with the phone owner through other nearby Apple devices..

How to Refresh Airtag Location

If you don’t know how to refresh AirTag location, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Click the Items tab at the bottom.
  • Locate the AirTag you want to refresh and tap on it.
  • The app will attempt to establish a Bluetooth connection with the AirTag and update its location information.
  • If the AirTag is within range and connected, the app will show its location on the map.

What Are the Limitations and Considerations of Airtag Tracking?

While AirTag is a convenient tracking solution, it does have some limitations and considerations:

  • The Bluetooth range: As discussed earlier, the range of AirTag is limited by Bluetooth connectivity and can be affected by physical barriers and environmental conditions.
  • Limited compatibility: AirTag is primarily designed for Apple devices and relies on the Find My app, which is exclusive to Apple and is not compatible with non-Apple devices or other tracking platforms.
  • Privacy concerns: AirTag’s tracking capabilities have raised privacy concerns, as it is possible for someone to carry an AirTag with them unknowingly. Apple has implemented measures to address this, such as periodic alerts for unrecognized AirTags and the ability to disable unknown AirTags.

How Are Privacy and Security Concerns Addressed in Airtag Tracking?

To address privacy and security concerns, Apple has implemented several features and measures:

  • Privacy alerts: If an AirTag is found moving with someone who doesn’t own it, the owner will receive an alert on their Apple device. This helps prevent unauthorized tracking.
  • AirTag detection: iPhones and other Apple devices can periodically scan for nearby AirTags that are not paired with their owners’ Apple ID. If an unrecognized AirTag is detected, the user will receive an alert.
  • Disable unknown AirTags: If someone believes an AirTag is being used to track them without their consent, they can disable the AirTag or remove its battery.
  • Anti-stalking measures: Apple has introduced safety features against malicious use. For example, AirTags will play a sound after a certain period of time if they are separated from their owner, indicating their presence.

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What Are the Alternative Tracking Solutions for Long-range Tracking?

If you need alternative solutions for long-range tracking beyond the limitations of AirTag, you can use GPS trackers, cellular-based trackers, and Radio Frequency (RF) trackers.

  • GPS Trackers: The GPS trackers, backed with satellite technology, can be used for real-time location tracking for long distances.
  • Cellular-based trackers: Cellular-based trackers use the cellular network to transmit location info for vast areas.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) trackers: RF trackers work on a different principle than Bluetooth and can offer longer-range tracking. They rely on radio signals to establish connections and can be suitable for specific use cases requiring long-range tracking.

Can Third-Party Tracking Solutions Be Used as Alternatives to Airtag?

Yes, there are third-party tracking solutions available that can be used as alternatives to AirTag. These solutions often offer similar features and capabilities to the AirTag. Some popular third-party tracking brands include Tile, Samsung SmartThings, and TrackR.

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Can You Find a Lost Apple Airtag?

If you have misplaced or lost your Apple AirTag, you can use the Find My app to locate it using the same logic we explained throughout this article. It’s pretty much the same if you lost some of your belongings with the AirTag attached to them.

Open the Find My app on your Apple device, go to “Items,” and select the AirTag you want to find. You’ll see its location displayed on the map. If the AirTag is within Bluetooth range, you can also use the Find My app to play a sound on the AirTag to help locate it.

You can apply the same steps to an AirTag not updating location, except you’ll first have to check for any connectivity issues.

Apple Airtags FAQs

Do AirTags Work Without WIFI?

Yes, AirTags do not require Wi-Fi connectivity to function and use Bluetooth to connect with nearby Apple devices.

How Accurate Is Airtag Location on Map?

AirTag’s location accuracy on the map is generally considered precise. It relies on a combination of Bluetooth signal strength, device proximity, and data from the Find My network to provide accurate info.

How Long Does Airtag Battery Last?

The battery life of an AirTag depends on how frequently you use it and can last for about one year with regular usage. When your AirTag’s battery starts to run low, you will get a notification in the Find My app, and then you can replace it.

Can Two Phones Use the Same AirTag?

Yes, multiple phones can track the same AirTag simultaneously. This means that different people with authorized access to the AirTag can use their devices to track its location.

Is Airtag Waterproof?

AirTags are not fully waterproof but are fairly water-resistant.

How to Set up Apple Airtag?

First, be sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. Then, open the Find My app, tap on “Items,” select “Add New Item,” and follow the instructions to pair the AirTag with your device.

Is Airtag Compatible With Other Apple Devices?

Yes, AirTags are compatible with a range of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs running the latest operating system versions.

Can Apple Protect User Safety Concerns?

Apple has taken this matter seriously, implementing end-to-end encryption and taking anti-stalking measures.

What Are the Potential Risks and Solutions?

Apple has implemented privacy features to address this concern, such as notifying users if an unknown AirTag is near them for an extended period. Additionally, you can enable “Lost Mode” on an AirTag to prevent unwanted tracking and receive notifications if it is detected near you.

What Are the Common Scenarios for Airtag Tracking?

AirTags are commonly used to track personal items such as wallets, backpacks, or even pets. They provide peace of mind by helping users to easily locate and bring back their lost items through the Find My app’s tracking capabilities.

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