Standard Warranty



Installation of this product constitutes acceptance of the terms of this limited warranty. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with this limited warranty and it’s terms, please return the product for a refund prior to installation.


This warranty shall apply to all manual transmissions and transfer cases sold, unless the printed sales receipt from Man-Trans, L.L.C. (hereinafter Man-Trans) indicates otherwise. Man-Trans warrants that the product covered by this warranty shall be free of defects in material or workmanship as performed by the manufacturer; and that it will replace, repair, or refund at its sole option, any manual transmission or transfer case supplied by Man-Trans which is defective in material or workmanship for a period of Twelve (12) months/unlimited mileage, covering parts only.


Failure to comply with the requirements stated herein immediately terminates this warranty.

  • The vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance must be adhered to (fluid changes, etc.). These services are the vehicle owner’s financial responsibility. You may be required to furnish proof of these services when filing a claim.
  • Prior authorization is required before any warranty work is performed.
  • Without exception, ALL alleged defective parts must be returned to Man-Trans (gaskets included), or no
    warranty claim for the repair/replacement of said parts will be honored.


  • This is not a guarantee against all hazards or failures. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. Damage resulting from abuse, neglect, or malfunctioning vehicle components OTHER than parts supplied by Man-Trans shall not be covered by this warranty; and immediately terminates the remainder of this warranty, including any warranty on subsequent replacements. Damage to a manual transmission or transfer case caused by, among other things, lack of or improper type of lubricant, differentials, drive shafts, axles, clutch components, pilot bearing (s), or crankshaft thrust bearings constitutes abuse or neglect.
    pilot bearing(s), or crankshaft thrust bearings constitutes abuse.
  • This warranty does not cover rental cars, towing, meals, lost wages, fluids, lodging, labor or any other expense incurred due to loss of use of a vehicle.
  • Man-Trans shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, including any item(s) potentially damaged should the product fail; such as flywheel, pilot bearings, clutch components, etc.
  • Authorized repair to or replacement of the original product does not extend the warranty. The original warranty period is from the original invoice date, effective when the product was first sold.


  • The Warranty period begins at the time of the original Invoice date and expires 12 months (1 year) from that date.


  • In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown of a covered part, we agree to make repairs or replace a covered part, subject to the terms, condition and limitations herein. Mechanical Breakdown means: The failure of a covered part due to workmanship or materials supplied by the original manufacturer, distributor or Man-Trans. A covered part has failed when it can no longer perform the function it was designed solely because of its condition and not because of the action, inaction or failure of any non-covered parts.


  • Transmission, transaxle, transfer cases and all internally lubricated parts including ring and pinion gears; oil pump, cover, gears, housing and pans; roll pins, springs, sprockets, chain, and shafts. Blockers, synchronizer hubs and keys, bearings, bushings, extension housing, speedometer drive gears, all internal fasteners, nuts and bolts, shift cover and forks, seals and gaskets.


  • You may transfer this Warranty to another owner but not to another vehicle. To transfer you must mail the following three (3) items to Man-Trans within 30 days of transfer of vehicle ownership.
  1. A letter containing the name and address of the new owner and YOUR authorization to transfer.
  2. Legible copies of the Warranty sign off sheet with new owner signature.
  3. A check for $40.00 payable in U.S. funds to Man-Trans, for transfer fee.
  • This Warranty may not be transferred to any entity in the business of selling or leasing vehicles.


  • When repairs are required, you must Contact Man-Trans LLC at 1-877-626-8726 during normal business hours to receive instructions. If you do not follow our instructions, we are not obligated to reimburse you or the cost of any repairs. Authorization must be obtained from Man-Trans prior to having your vehicle repaired. We reserve the right to inspect any vehicle before authorization of any repairs. In order to make a claim under this Warranty you must:
  1. Have your vehicle serviced according to the maintenance schedule provided in the Manufacturer’s Owners Manual. You must keep original copies of all repair orders; invoices and receipts from performed services and maintenance and present all copies at the time a claim is made.
  2. Use all means to protect your vehicle from further damage in the event of a Mechanical Breakdown. Without limiting this general rule, specifically you must stop the vehicle immediately and have it repaired before driving it further.
  3. Provide “Removal authorization” when requested by Man-Trans, so it can be returned for accurate Diagnosis and estimate of repairs. We will cover the return shipping. Upon our diagnosis and it is deemed a Mechanical Breakdown, We will repair or replace, and cover all shipping. If deemed a Non-Mechanical Breakdown, we will provide estimate of repairs along with shipping charges.
  4. In the event of an emergency situation that occurs and Man-Trans cannot be reached with in a 48 hour time period. The Warranty Holder can proceed with repair, but payment will be in accordance with the other provisions of the Warranty.
  5. Submit a claim for reimbursement to Man-Trans along with all required documents within 30 days of authorization;
  6. Retain all replaced parts until YOUR claim is settled, as YOU may be required to submit these parts for inspection.
  • Failure to comply with the responsibilities outlined above may result in the denial of YOUR claim. If YOU have any questions, please contact Man-Trans.


  1. Any loss, damage or expense caused by accidents, any alteration to the vehicle or the part, use of oversized tires or wheels, alteration to the vehicle not authorized by it manufacturer, the failure of any part not covered by this Warranty accidental loss.
  2. Any Mechanical Breakdown caused by accidents, collision, upset damage, falling objects, theft, larceny, explosion, lightning, earthquakes, fire, windstorms, hail, water, floods, subfreezing temperature, malicious mischief, vandalism, civil commotion, riots, wars;
  3. The repair or replacement of a covered part by any manufacturer’s warranty or any other coverage or other reason the manufacturer, importer, distributor, seller or repairer of the vehicle will repair or replace the part at its expense or at reduced cost;
  4. Any invoice presented to Man-Trans for services not preformed as described at the time of authorization.
  5. Any claim if your vehicle is used for competitive driving or racing, police or emergency service, rental purposes towing a trailer or another vehicle unless your vehicle is equipped for this as recommended by the manufacturer;
  6. Any Mechanical Breakdown caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, improper towing, lack of maintenance;
  7. Any Mechanical Break down caused by contamination, overheating, lack of lubricant, lack of oil viscosity, sludge, restricted oil flow, salt, rust and rust damage, environmental damage, chemicals;
  8. The need to repair or replace a covered part arising or resulting from the use of your vehicle outside of the United States, its territories or possessions or Canada;
  9. Hazardous waste disposal charges, storage or freight charges, adjustment; shop supplies, core charges, and correction of rattles/squeaks/wind noise/odors/water leaks;
  10. Any consequential, secondary damages or unreasonable cost that you may suffer as a result of the need to repair or replace a part, work such as front-end alignment;
  11. Liability for damage to property, injury to or death of any person arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of your vehicle whether or not related to the covered parts;
  12. Any of the following parts: cables, linkage, mounts, external electronic components, transmission clutch assemblies and all related components;
  13. Any personal expenses arising because your vehicle is not available for you to use;
  14. Any Mechanical Breakdown which existed or was caused by a condition known to you or prior to the Warranty issue date:


All cores must be completely assembled, drained of all fluids, and of the exact type ordered.
Cores that are not acceptable will be charged back according to the following schedule.

  • Core is not like for like. ZERO CREDIT
  • Core is missing parts. ZERO CREDIT
  • Core is disassembled. HALF CREDIT
  • Core has visible external damage, or visible cracked/broken case. HALF CREDIT


  • The aggregate total of all benefits paid or payable during the term of this Warranty shall not exceed the full priced paid for item. We assume no other obligation or responsibility with regards to the vehicle. We neither assume nor authorize anyone to assume for us, any additional liability.


  • The terms and conditions outlined above are the full and complete agreement between the parties. The purchaser should not rely upon oral representation or statement. This contract will be governed by the state in which it is sold. No amendment supplement, or waiver of any provision of the contract will be binding against us unless it is in writing and signed by one of the authorized representatives of our home office. We may delegate the performance or duties and obligation and assign our rights and benefits hereunder. Our right to recover payment: If we make any payment under this contract and you have the right to recover against another party, your rights shall become our rights and you shall do whatever is necessary to enable us to enforce these rights. Our subrogation rights become effective after you are made whole.

Our STANDARD WARRANTY gives you 12 months, unlimited mileage peace of mind. It is our goal to provide you with a great product that will last many years with the proper services and maintenance. In the event if there is a warranty problem please follow our warranty guideline.