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Re-manufacturers of Manual Transmission and Transfer Cases is a challenging industry because of the vast scope of products and specialized services needed to properly service these Vital Products.  Finding a company that does handle “those rare”  transmission rebuilds can be daunting.  Manual-Transmission’s talented and committed technicians offer a wide selection of Re-manufactured transmissions and transfer cases.

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Manual Transmission’s CEO, explains.  “With our Experience and Expertise, we handle many unusual Customer Requests that most of competitors refuse, primarily because of the time it does take, and the Expertise required to complete their requests. We do a lot of late-model, hard-to-find units that Endears Manual Transmissions to our Loyal Customers.  We like to think that every customer is worth the effort. If we can go that extra mile to get it together for them, they’re going to call again because we bailed them out.”

Manual-Transmissions team of transmission specialists are ready for any order .We usually ship a non-stock unit within 72 hours.  While not necessarily having every transmission in stock, our inventory is quite extensive.

Ten Excellence Years in Business

While celebrating our 10th anniversary, Manual-Transmissions  is well versed in the automotive industry.  Moore began selling rebuilt transmissions to transmission shops, auto recycling facilities, and automotive repair facilities.

Wholesale transmission business is our focus with our main customers being auto recycling facilities, transmission shops and auto-repair shops nationwide. While our web site has helped Manual Transmissions establish an international presence, the most essential marketing tool is simple word-of-mouth that begins with our commitment to high quality and customer service.

Quality Counts

“Quality, Service and Availability are the consistent testimonies are customers share with friends and other businesses that requires services such as we offer.”

Being the largest re-manufactors of manual transmissions, allow our pricing to be among the most competitive, our focus remains with this:  “To serve our customers and support the products and services we offer.”


Manual Transmissions facility was completely redesigned with a conveyor system that streamlines the workflow and allows for more quality control, which fits within our company’s strategy, that of constantly addressing quality. Two people inspect each transmission before it even gets to the technician, and then it is tested on the dyno before its allowed to leave the facility.

While Manual Transmissions has rebuilt as many as 5,000 Manual Transmissions in a given year, they are obviously quite time consuming.  Our new work stations are designed to handle growth twice that of our present rate.

“Our Versatility allows us to have a growing skilled labor force, while maintaining our  Efficiency and Quality production standards.”

With our Tallahassee, FL location, whether a quick call, or by fax, e-mail, online assistance, Manual Transmissions is a Customer Service Driven Company.

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Phone: 850-222-6993    FAX :850-222-3102


Years in Business: 10     Number of Employees: Up to 25 and growing

Quote: “We believe serving our customers while supporting our products creates a win-win for us all.  We have to create the work environment of HighExcellence,”

President, D. Moore