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The ONLY rebuilt manual transmission remanufacturer you will ever need!

Manual-Transmission.com is a leading re-manufacturer of manual transmissions and transfer cases in the United States. We provide affordable, high quality, rebuilt transmissions and transfer cases for small businesses, commercial transmission suppliers, dealerships, and the do it your self-installers.

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Welcome to Manual-Transmission.com! We rebuild and remanufacture a broad range of rebuilt manual transmissions and transfer cases from Three (3) thru Seven (7) speeds,covering cars and trucks up to five (5) tons!

We specialize in rebuilt manual(also known as standard) transmissions,for Rear Wheel Drive cars and Light Duty Trucks. We also offer rebuilt trans-axles for Front Wheel Drive vehicles with standard (or manual transmissions)for U.S.(domestic) and Japanese sports and compact cars,and work trucks through 5 tons

We are also BIG into Four Wheel Drive (4X4) Transfer Cases for Domestic(U.S.brands),Japanese,some European vehicles,and we offer a wide variety of All Wheel Drive (AWD) transfer cases for most pickup trucks and Suv’s.
Manual transmissions and transfer cases are often referred to as Standard transmissions,Stick shifts,and more often as a GEARBOX by some folks.The majority of the transmissions we sell are EXCHANGE REPLACEMENTS ,five (5) and (6) six speed STANDARD SHIFT (manual transmission) for cars and work trucks and even your old 4 speeds that came as factory equipment in muscle cars with the Muncie M20,M21,and the M22 (ROCKCRUSHER).We also rebuild the Borg Warner T10’s that came in the the same cars like the Camaro & Transam.

We have rebuilt and helped most of the major part manufacturers R&D the NV4500,G56,ZF650,750,& T56 5 and 6 speed standard transmissions.We have done extensive R&D on even the older Dodge 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from 1999-2005 that came with the NV5600 6 speed that was notorious for having the original cases that have heat issues. We also Now we also remanufacture the newer Mercedes style 6 speed G56 that is standard equipment behind the Cummins Diesel engine,and the lighter version behind the gas 8.0 litre and Hemi engines.
We also remanufacture and rebuild Ford Standard shift Transmissions from the old 3 speed column shift manual transmissions to the 4 speed “granny” low Borg Warner and New Process transmissions.Some of these are now classics and are some of the older hard to find overdrive 4 speed’s from the late 60’s to early 70’s and thru the mid 1980’s.

So from older 3 and 4 speed standard transmissions to newer 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions,and the tran-saxles for the newer compacts cars like Ford Escorts,Toyota Celica and ,Corolla (C56) Mitsubishi Eclipse,(F5M42 AND F5M51)to Honda and Acura ‘B’ series thru K series****We have the Manual Transmission-STICK SHIFT-Standard transmissions Know how and Experience you need in a supplier!
For over 20 years we have been offering rebuilt transmission conversion packages for going from automatics TO MANUAL transmissions in the Dodge,Ford,and GM trucks.

We also offer a different variety of conversion packages for the Jeep Wranglers XJ AND YJ’s that came from the factory with the Peugeot transmission so our customers can convert to the AX15 Aisin /Toyota style transmission or Upgrade to the NV3550 New Venture 5 speed transmission to help Wrangler owners obtain resale value for their Jeeps.

NV4500 CONVERSIONS for Jeep guys that want to turn their existing 3 or 4 speed into a heavy duty 5 speed with Overdrive heavy duty drive trains that are capable of ‘ROCKCRAWLING”,while having an overdrive for everyday driving.

We WILL HELP YOU FIND what is needed

Re-manufactured transmission & transfer cases is what Manual-Transmission.com has built our reputation on, along with savings from 25-45%.  All of our Re-builds  meet and exceeds OEM standards by qualified professionals transmission specialist, tested on industry leading equipment, and guaranteed by our 12 month/unlimited mileage warranty?

***The latest addition to our production is the NSG370 6 speed German built transmision that comes in the Liberty’s and Wranglers.***
In our production facility in Tallahassee,Florida ,we also remanufacture transmissions for the Dodge work trucks that include the NV3500 transmission. The 1989-1993 Dodge and GM trucks are also known to have 5 speeds manufactured by “Getrag”,a German company that GM and Dodge useed in a joint venture to bring tooling to the Munice plant to form New Venture transmision,to make the GM and Dodge ½ ton and ¾ ton,and 1 ton 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions from 1993 through 2005.So,from the newer Dodge half (1/2)ton and 3/4 ton trucks to the heavy duty 5 speeds in the 1 ton trucks including the NV4500 5 speeds.

For Ford and Mazda trucks,B2300,B3000,B4000,Ford Ranger with 2.3,,2.5,3.0&4.0 engines; Our general production also includes the 5 speed Mazda style (M50D) in the Ford Rangers.Some refer to these models as “M5R1 “in Rangers or “M5R2” in the F150’s.

We also remanufacture and rebuild 5 and 6 speed ZF manual transmissions for F150’s,F250’s,F350’s,F450’s and the F550 trucks equipped with the aluminum ZF 5 or 6 speed overdrive Standard(Manual) transmission that came as original equipment in the towing equipped Ford trucks behind every engine from the small block 302 version of the ZF 5 speed to the Triton 5.4&6.8 gas engine version all the way to the 7.3 Powerstrokes with the 5 and 6 speeds and now the newer Ford trucks with the 6.0 and 6,4 diesel engines in the F250,F350,F450,and F550.
We also remanufacture the Eaton 5 and 6 speeds and the Spicer transmissions for the GM Topkick’s and cab-over fleet type delivery trucks,in the Ford F600, F700 and F800 work trucks. Eaton rebuilds include covering the International,Sterling&Freightliners equipped with the Eaton 6 speeds.

Our general list of re-built transmission & transfer cases include: Aisin, Acura, AMC, Borg-Warner, BMW, Chrysler, Clark, Dana, Dodge Getrag, Eaton, Ford M5R1 & M5R2, Fuller, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, International, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, MTX, Muncie, New Process, New Venture Gear, Nissan, Saginaw, Spicer, TKO, Toyota, Tremec, & ZF.